Monday, June 14, 2010

Components of THE FICO SCORE

Knowledge is the key to a LOT of doors and this one is no different. First let me give you a quick little graphic.....

Now, while you have that in hand.....let's have a little chat about the various components....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Two BIggest Mistakes People Make When "Cleaning Up" Their Credit!!!

Everyone can improve their credit! There are two approaches in general to obtaining better credit. The first is to review what's on your report and correct items which are incorrect on your existing credit report. Some things to look for on your report are contained in this short e zines article Common Mistakes on Credit Reports.

The second way people try to improve their scores frequently deals with credit cards and I've got some great stories for you here....check out our video on the two biggest mistakes people make when they "Clean Up" their credit!

The Ideal Credit Mix...Maximizing Your FICO credit score

First you need to know that there is no one answer that works perfectly for everybody! I have seen an extremely high 700's score on a man with 15 credit cards and nothing else.....I've seen a mid-700's credit score on a student with one credit card and a student can be done in a lot of different ways. Here's fun little article on the average credit score out there from Credit Card Help
The Average Credit Score.

So here's our great new video on what constitutes the "Ideal Credit Mix".....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Loan Mods Can Kill Your FICO Credit Score!!

Hundreds of thousands of people have modified their mortgages and were never told it could affect their credit score! This article from Yahoo Finance Credit Scores Drop After Loan Help
talks about some specific instances in the marketplace.

Imagine the wonderful impact a lower loan payment provides you....only to be stabbed in the back by your bank with their unique and unfair reporting practices....The good news is that we can help raise your credit score up....NO MATTER WHAT!! Take a quick look at the video we put together for you on this problem.......

Credit Cards....The Most Misused Part of Your Credit Score!

If there's one key component in your credit score that is little understood and most often's credit cards. Here's a great article from USA Today on credit cards...Credit Card Applications Down!

Did you know that credit cards could potentially count for up to 250 of your credit score points? You CAN NOT ignore this important component of your FICO credit score! Check out our great (short) video on credit cards........